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To gain weight, Drink these 5 things in milk daily at night

Milk for Weight Gain in Hindi: You can drink some things in milk at night to gain weight. With this, you can always stay healthy and fit. Milk for weight gain: Not only obesity but also weight gain is no less a task. Often thin and weak people gain weight. Start taking weight gain supplements.

But supplements can’t help you get to a healthy weight, they can make you fat. So you should always gain weight by eating healthy foods. Milk is one of the healthiest foods for weight gain. But if you mix some special things in milk while sleeping at night, it can increase your weight quickly.

Milk and figs

Figs are rich in nutrients. Figs are good in calories, carbohydrates, and sugar. All these elements help in weight gain. If you want to gain weight, drink a glass of milk at bedtime. Add 2-3 figs and boil it well, then strain and drink.

Eating figs daily at night with milk can increase your weight considerably. Figs are high in fiber, which will cleanse your stomach well in the morning. Figs are considered very beneficial for constipation.

Add Dates to Milk to gain weight

A mixture of milk and dates is very beneficial in gaining weight. If you want to gain weight, heat a glass of milk for it. Put dates in it and drink milk at bedtime. This will keep your stomach healthy, and the problem of constipation will also be removed.

Add Dates to Milk to gain weight

Dates are high in carbohydrates, calories, and iron. It will also increase your hemoglobin level. Fatigue, weakness, and other physical problems will also go away.

Add butter to milk and drink

A combination of milk and butter can help in weight gain. If you are very thin and weak, you can mix butter with milk and drink it while sleeping. For this, you take a glass of milk. Add half a cup of butter to it and boil it well, now drink this milk. Drinking buttermilk every night can make you gain weight.

Milk and jaggery for weight gain

If you want to gain weight, you can mix jaggery with milk and eat it at night. For this, you take a glass of milk. Eat jaggery with it. Taking milk and jaggery together daily at bedtime can help a lot in gaining weight. Jaggery is high in calories, fat, and sugar, which helps in weight gain.

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Milk and dry fruits

If you want, you can also mix almonds, cashews, and raisins with milk to gain weight. The combination of dry fruits and milk helps you gain weight. Also, taking both of them together will provide the body with all the necessary nutrients. You will gain healthy weight and you will feel energetic.

Milk and dry fruits

Benefits of milk for weight gain: If you also want to gain weight, you can mix dates, figs, butter, or jaggery in milk while sleeping at night. Eating these things with milk every night can make you gain weight. Also, you can always stay fit and healthy

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