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Fish Attractant Spray Fish Liquid Attractant Flavoured Fishing Bait Additive Fishing Baits

Recently I uploaded a video of a fishing product on my Facebook page. many of my followers are asking me and commenting about this fishing-catching product called Fish Attractant Spray. actually, in this video, a guy is showering a red liquid in the water and many fish are gathering very quickly at this spot.

In my opinion, you are not a fisherman if you are searching for this Fish Attractant Spray because fishing is not the name of only catching fish. fishing is a passion and profession. don’t use shorts cut to catch fish always hard work and smart work.

If you plan to experiment with this Fish Attract Spray, you can purchase it from china. but this is not my responsibility for 100% results. you can spend all of your own risks. I am just providing you with an idea about this product.

Fish Attractant Spray Fish Liquid Attractant Flavoured Fishing Bait Additive Fishing Baits

This is a Chinese product you can find similar products on Ali express. There are many products like this. I am giving you an idea about this product. you can use any other fruit essence drops. you can purchase these fruit essence drops from your local market. never use this Fish Attractant Spray in canal water or speedy water. only use in ponds and lacks.

Fish Attractant Spray Fish Liquid Attractant Explained

There was a time when boosting your bait with flavoring was as sophisticated as dipping bread flakes in a pot of honey!

How times have changed. Walk into most tackle shops these days and they will resemble a supermarket. Shelves are stacked with tubs, bottles, and pots that contain exotic flavors and potions. The sheer scale of the choice can be bamboozling.

In this helpful guide, we explain what the main ‘families’ of flavorings are so that you can decide what types of flavor to arm yourself with.

Fish Attractant Spray Fish Liquid Attractant Explained


  • These products use artificial flavorings manufactured to mimic foodstuffs like strawberries, peanuts, and bananas. They are available in two different forms.
  • Firstly, there are highly concentrated flavors made by specialist firms like Nutrabaits, Nash, Richworth, and Hutchinson for flavoring boilie mixes.
  • These potent products have specific dosage levels printed on the bottle. You mustn’t exceed these recommendations otherwise the finished bait will smell TOO STRONG and will repel fish rather than attract them. If you add these flavors to ground bait you must dilute them with water to spread flavor through the feed.

It was the problem of overdosing with highly concentrated flavors that lead to the creation of less concentrated liquids by firms like Van den Eynde and Dynamite Baits. These products have been specifically designed for adding to ground bait, covering pellets and meat, or soaking boilies.


  • As the description suggests, natural extracts are liquids or powders that are made by processing real foodstuffs.
  • Among the best natural liquids are corn steep liquor, betaine, kelp, green-lipped mussel extract, and liquid liver. They can all be added to ground bait or poured onto baits like boilies, meat, corn, and pellets. The liquid will soak into the bait and then be released into the water to attract the fish.
  • They tend not to be as concentrated as artificial flavors but still stick to the dosage recommendation on the packaging.
  • Many of these liquids contain large amounts of Amino Acid. This is the substance that signals to a fish that something is edible, natural extracts have therefore proved to be great fish attractors.


  • The list of sweeteners and bait enhancers is legion, and they are made to make bait taste nicer.
  • These products can be added to homemade boilies, pastes, cooked particles, or even ground bait.
  • Like humans, many fish love sweet food, and the addition of a sweetener to a bait can encourage the fish to eat it.
  • Some sweeteners and enhancers are made in a liquid form others are powders. Either way, they boost the taste of bait and often improve the smell of it too.


  • Oils are available in two forms and both have very different applications.
  • Firstly, there are standard oils that are drained from fish, nuts, or seeds like salmon oil, hemp oil, or sunflower oil. These products are derived from natural products and contain a great deal of protein and fatty acids. Oils are excellent for adding to ground baits, Method mixes, or injecting into dead baits.
  • They don’t tend to be too concentrated either so dosage levels are not so critical.
  • The second type of oil you may encounter is essential oil. Usually produced by specialist carp bait firms, like Nutrabaits or Nashbaits, essential oils are highly concentrated extracts taken from spices, herbs, and plants.
  • They are added by the drop and are suited for adding to boilies and paste mixes.

Features of Fish Attractant Spray :

  • 1. This spray is an additive for fishing bait, adding taste to your fishing bait and attracting fish effectively.
  • 2. Sometimes, catching fish for a whole day is hard, and this spray will help make your fishing bait more attractive.
  • 3. It will improve the fish’s sense of hunger and energy, and will quickly come to your fishing bait.
  • 4. You can add it slightly into your baits according to the actual conditions, like temperature, position, fish amount, etc.
  • 5. Precision application, spray directly on any artificial lures or live bait.
  • Specification:Material: PlasticCapacity: 220ml

Package Includes:
1 bottle of * Fish Attractant

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