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How our Fishing team caught an 8KG Silver carp

This is a fishing Story that how our Fishing Team Caught an 8kg Silver Carp. The time was 3 PM. A member of our fishing team calls me for urgent meat up. our plan was an urgent fishing tour. we don’t know we are going to make history to catch 8 KG silver carp

Mahi Gar Team Waiting for other Members to Catch a 8 KG Silver Fish

Never come back without casting a fishing net if you go on a fishing trip.

Abdul Haq

This is a motivational quote from the most senior fisherman on our team. When I was disappointed during fishing difficulties. decided to go back because 2 of our motorbikes face some technical difficulties. We were waiting for our fishermen who were behind us at a distance of 5 kilometers.
Time was short and we don’t have any gadgets for night fishing.

MahiGar Team On the way

Reaching Fishing Point

After 30 minutes we gather at a point and start traveling to the main fishing poin8t. After a few minutes, we reached the main fishing point and start changing our fishing clothes and opening fishing nets.
Only one and half hours remained before sunset. we were in a great hurry to catch some fish to return home.

Cast first Fishing Net

We cast our first fishing net and succeed to catch some common carp. We collect common carp fish from the net and put them into the basket. This is a special wooden basket that our team caption makes for fishing. It can be bonded on any motorbike easily and save our time and fish during fishing. In the summer fishing season, we put some ice in this wooden box. fish remained fresh till returning home in the evening.

We Cast second Fishing Net

We cast a second fishing net and again catch with some common carp and some basa fishes. Remember we cast 2 net with our traditional fishing method 1st net with a crew of 3 or 4 fisherman holds the fishing net in the canal and faces water pressure and 2nd crew go away for some distance and bottom trawling net and move forward to us.

They push water to wake up hidden fish into the canal banks and reach our holding point. After that, we pull up 2 nets out of the canal and check the fishing nets for fish. Our senior fisherman has the most important techniques for the judgment of fish in canal water when fish knock in the fishing net. In a second we pull the net before the fish return back because fish can judge the fishing net in the water and try to escape.

Game-Changing time starts now

We decide to go to the next fishing point away from one kilometer. A few minutes were remaining before sunset so we open fishing nets again. Now the time starts to the most memorable fishing period of our fishing team’s history. All of our fishing team members were disappointed because we were failing to catch any big fish. But nobody knows what is happening in the next few minutes.

I was holding a fishing net bamboo, side and was talking and making fun with other team members of our crew. Suddenly a big 8KG silver carp fish try to jump and hit my mouth with his hard mouth. I was surprised because 8KG silver carp hit my face badly I recover myself in a second and saw a big fish disappear in the canal water after hitting my face. Silver carp fish jumps after sensing the net because it was going slowly if he knocks our fish we pulled the net instant.

The second fishing Crew Was Active in Catch Silver Carp

The second fishing crew was away some meters from us. 2 of them were hopeless that we can’t catch this fish in this situation. My brother and our team captain were very active and They prepared to catch this fish because the fish was at a very fast speed after a few seconds fish knock on their fishing net with a power

They were already active when fish knocked on their fishing net they all called to pull the net at the same time. Once again we saw a big 8 KG silverfish in the fishing net for a second because they failed to close the fishing net on both sides and the fish again dropped into the water. This time silver carp fish was coming to our side with supper fast speed because know that silver carp are going to trap in a fishing net.

Silver Carp Failed To escape

Wow, all of our fishermen saw a beautiful scene of a big fish jumping and fish falling on the canal bank just a distance of 2 feet away from me. I quickly drop the fishing net and my hand into the fish gills and hold the fish tightly. Fish try to escape but this time 8 kg silverfish failed to escape. Another member of the team member jumps out and holds the fish and throws it away from the canal bank.

One of the fishermen tried to grab the silverfish with one hand but failed to grab it. We were on another bank of the canal and our motorbikes were on another bank. The fish was alive so we put it into a fishing net, cross the canal, and put the fish into a wooden box.


Hurrah all of our team members were very happy because we had never caught an 8 kg silverfish or any other fish before this. The average weight of fish is 1 to 2 kg in our Canal. Another fishing team catches 5 kg of Catla fish after that. Silverfish is rare in our region so that is why our team was very happy.
We put the fish into a wooden box and go back to our Town.

Mahi Gar Team Members Big Fish Catch

8 KG Silver carp Fish Cutting with a wood saw machine

we return to our team Captan wood workshop. The next phase was very interesting. we had no sharp knife at that time to cut silver carp. our fishing team decide to cut the silver carp on a wood cutting saw machine.

Silver carp Fish Cutting with wood saw machine

due to night time at the wood workshop was not proper to light. first, a team member starts cutting the fish head with a knife. after that we put it on a wood cutting saw machine and starts cutting the fish slowly. after cutting the fish into 8 pieces we distribute it to our 8 team members.

8 KG Silver carp Fish Cutting with wood saw machine 2

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  1. Great team work… I’m hoping you gonna keep this up until you become senior like Chacha 👍. I guess this was the biggest fish you guys caught and your competitors are still a way behind this… so this makes you earn few more points over another team… I wish I could join you but unfortunately I can’t spare enough time to join you guys… but for sure I can join you guys when you guys gonna cook this and invite me to have bar BQ with you & your team.

    1. Yeh, this was possible due to team hard work and experience to judge the fish and stay active to catch this 8KG of fish into this difficult situation while the water level was high. We were banned due to covid but we are missing fishing. Our body missing this difficult and time taking sport. You are always welcome during our fishing BBQ party. This is a record fish catch into our town where every person is a fisherman. Thanks for your comment about our fishing team efforts.

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