Rohu fish identity recipes and fishing

Rohu fish identity recipes and fishing. The name of Rohu fish in English is Labeo rohita. rohu fish belongs to the Cyprinidae family. The Cyprinidae family is the largest in fish families.
usually called the carp fish family. rohu fish subfamily is labeoninae and the genus is Labeo.

Its body is divided into three parts, head, trunk, and tail. The upper part of the trunk is black, and gray and the lower part is white. The body has scales. Adult rohu fish can be up to two feet long and weigh up to 45 kilograms in weight.

Rohu fish identity

Rohu fish identity recipes and fishing

Now I tell you how to identify rohu fish. many fishmongers give you Catla fish and tell you this is rohu fish so don’t worry. Just read this basic identification of rohu fish.

Rohu fish is a bony fish. many people are afraid to eat it. Customers in the fish market do not buy rohu fish from fishmongers because it has a lot of bones in it. Customers who know its bone structure buy it easily. Feed the baby rohu fish by deboning it yourself.

  • There are scales on the body.
  • The color of the Rohu fish scale is black.
  • The upper part of the body is black the lower part is white.
  • Rohu fish is taller in length and shorter in width.
  • The head and forehead are small
  • Rohu fish mouth is pointed.
  • The lower lip of the Rohu fish is smaller and inwards.
  • The flesh of the black bean is white
Rohu fish identity recipes and fishing

Rahu fish is the most delicious fish in the carp family. Rohu fish tastes better than Common Carp and Catla fish.
It is widely used domestically and commercially. There is hardly a restaurant in Pakistan where different dishes of Rohu fish are not prepared and sold. The Khuni Burj in our city Multan is famous all over Pakistan for its fish dishes.

There are plenty of fish shops in Khuni Burj. Among them is the famous fish of Allah Wasaya. If you ever visit our city Multan, you must eat fish from Khuni Burj. But in Multan, the rohu fish fry is mostly popular. When I went to Lahore last year.

Haji Sardar Machli Farosh is popular in Lahore. Dishes made at Haji Sardar Machli Farosh include Raho Grill Fish, Boneless Fish, Raho Fish Fry, Finger Fish, Tawa Fish Fry, and Fish Pan.

In winter, there is a lot of rush to fish markets and restaurants because people have come to know the benefits of eating fish. The price of chicken has gone up. In my town, more fish is sold than chicken in winter. Which has increased the employment of many people.

Rohu fish recipes at home

Women like to make rohu fish curry at home. You can easily make fish at home in the restaurant style. I think fish curry or other dishes can be made more standard and tasty at home. Another benefit of making fish at home is that you can make standard fish at a low cost.

You can make fish whenever you want. If you don’t know how to make fish at home, Don’t worry I will give you a complete guide on my website mahigar. I will provide fresh fish identification, delicious fish dishes, different types of fish, and much more to learn.

If you know fresh fish identification and complete fishing guide
So you can make even better fish at home from the hotel whenever you want
I make most of the different fish dishes at home in which my favorite dish is a fish fry.

My father likes rohu fish curry because Rohu fish curry is easily digested. My younger brother likes Tawa fry because Tawa fish fry is very light to eat. I make all these dishes from rohu fish.

Rohu fish market price

Rohu fish is easily available in the fish market of Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and Nepal. Because it is a common fish and the price is reasonable. Rohu fish cost depends on its weight. Fresh rohu fish costs more. While a day or two ago rohu fish, the price of fish is lower.

In the city of Multan, Pakistan, the price of a kilo of live fish this year 2020 is about 250 rupees. Last year, Rohu fish per KG cost ranged from Rs 280 to Rs 300. As the cold and fog increase, so does the price of fish.

Rohu fish wholesale price is different. Restaurant owners contact direct fish farm owners to avoid commission from the fish market. This high demand and low supply in the fish market increases the price of fish.
Some fishmongers sell freshwater rohu fish. They catch fresh fish from the farm, put it in a water tank, bring it to the market, and sell it. Fresh rohu fish is more expensive than Stale rohu fish.

In Pakistan’s Sindh province, fishmongers catch more fish than farms. They dig a hole in the ground and put the fish in freshwater. After selling the fish all day, the rest of the fish are left back on the farm. Always buy fresh fish wherever you buy fish. Because eating stale fish is harmful to health.

Roho fish and Fishing

Rohu fish is a Common fish. Easily found in Pakistan’s rivers, streams, and canals. We have a canal area it is abundant in every canal. Carp fishing is a favorite in the Canal.
It is not easy to catch fish in the canal because it jumps over the net.

Trained hunters catch it quickly. Some hunters in our area catch it in July. Due to this, its number decreases in October-November. It weighs one to two kilograms by the time the canals are closed in October-November.

It is hunted in different Methods in the canal. We catch it with the fishing net. There are very few fish in our area. In the running water of the canal, when it enters the net, it stumbles lightly in the net. Which the average hunter can’t guess.
The senior hunters on our team estimate it by looking at the waves above the water. If the net is not lifted in time, the fish jumps. Or it gets caught in the net and turns back with great speed. It often comes out of the canal or under the net.

Rohu and Canal fishing

  • In a large canal where the water pressure is high. Therefore, it is difficult to handle the fishnet, then the fish jumps easily. At the time of canal closure, fishing is at its peak in October-November. Then the water is low. In low water, the fish can be easily estimated. And the fish can’t even jump. It weighs more than 2 kilograms since October-November.
  • It can be easily caught by Casting a fishing net on the canal. Our team never hunted on the river.
  • Many fishermen use fishing bait for fishing in rivers.
  • you can hunt Rohu fish river or canal with a fishing hook. Fishing can be done easily. May I know how you hunt fish? Must mention in the comment box it will be encouraging for me and will increase my knowledge of friends.
  • During hunting, we store it in a wooden crate with ice. So that the fish stays fresh until we return home. Sometimes the grass is put on the fish. Grass also keeps fish fresh.

Rohu fish identity recipes and fishing

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