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Best Canal fish species in Pakistan Punjab to eat: 5 Best Canal Fish Species

Fish is the most served food in the world. Fish is delicious food and served in almost every corner of the world. we know Fish is a healthy food with many health benefits. Some fish species have a high level of mercury so avoid eating these fish species. There are many Canal fish species in Pakistan but we will talk about only the 5 Best Canal Fish Species in Pakistan Punjab.

In Pakistan or other countries of the world, there are thousands of fish species. Every fish species have its unique taste and texture. We can not cover all of these fish species in a single article. We just tale a look at the top 5 serving wild fish in Pakistan.

there are many fish species in Pakistan wild fish species sea fish species and farm fish species. In this article, we will take a look at the top 5 serving wild fish in Pakistan. I don’t know about seafood because I live in a town away from 800 KM from the ocean. Seafood is rare in my city’s fish market. So we talk about the top 5 wild fish and farm fish. Species of Pakistan.

Why do people avoid eating fish?

Although many people avoid eating fish. There are many reasons behind this but the main reason is the fins of fish. People always ask a question to fishmongers which fish is without bone. Fishmonger always replies that every fish have a different bone structure.

Fish Fried

He always suggests Catla fish because of his thick bone structure. I love Catla fish due to its great taste and some other qualities. Although many people dislike Catla fish and prefer Dambra fish aka rohu fish.

Is fish healthy food?

Fish is one of the big sources of omega 3 which is very useful for the human body. Omega 3 also helps the growth of the baby’s brain during pregnancy. this is true that fish is one of the biggest sources of meat and protein.

fish is very beneficial for heart and blood pressure disease. doctors suggest using fish in your weekly meal plan. In my opinion, fish is healthy food but it could be risky if you use it raw or stale. Always eat fresh fish if you are not experienced that how to purchase fresh fish then read this article about how to identify fresh and stale fish. Also, avoid eating some fish species that contain high levels of mercury.

1 Dambra fish

Rohu fish identity recipes and fishing

fish rohu fish. Rohu fish is from the carp fish family. Rohu fish is a common fish in Pakistan fish markets. Dambra fish is a highly selling fish in Pakistan. Dambra fish is commercial and domestic fish and serve in every restaurant, hotel, and stall in the food streets.

In my town, Dambra fish is the only available fish in all hotels and stalls. The reason is Dambra fish is cheaper than other fish species.

Although the bone structure of Dambra fish is so complicated than Catla fish people love Dambra fish due to its taste. You can prepare dozens of recipes with Dambra fish.

Deep fry Dambra fish is the best recipe but I prefer shallow fry or Tawa fry Dambra fish recipe.

  • Deep fry Dambra fish
  • Shallow Dambra fish fry
  • BBQ Dambra fish fry
  • Salty Dambra fish fry
  • Dambra grilled fish and many more.

2 Catla fish Thaila is the best Canal fish Species

Catla fish is from the carp fish family. Catla fish is a common fish like Dambra fish although many people dislike Catla fish and prefer Dambra fish. This fish is highly demanded commercial and domestic uses. I don’t know why people dislike Catla fish although this is the one of best canal fish species. One of my friends tells me that Dambra fish is tastier than Catla fish.

My research says that Catla fish takes more time and extra care to reach the spicy level. The Catla fish observe salt more instantly than the Dambra fish. Catla fish meat is white than Dambra fish, that’s why after the frying process Catla fish texture remains golden brown.

My favorite recipe is Tawa fry or shallow fry Catla fish. You can prepare a Catla fish gravy recipe at home. This is better fish for gravy recipe rather than Dambra fish.

3 Common Carp Gulfam Canal fish species

Common carp are also known as Gulfam fish in Pakistan. Gulfam fish skin is goldish. Scales are like Dambra fish but in goldish color. Gulfam fish meat is so softer than Dambra and Catla fish. The price is almost the same as Dambra and Catla fish. Many fishmongers sell Gulfam fish as wild fish or river or canal fish.

Gulfam fish is common in rivers and canals of Pakistan. We catch 100% wild Gulfam fish when going fishing. Wild Gulfam fish is tastier than form fish. In my experience, Gulfam fish commercial use is less than Dambra fish and Catla fish.

4 Silver carp Canal Fish Species

Silver carp is also from the carp family. Silver carp fish skin is silver and reflects and looks like silver metal. Scales of silver carp fish are very smaller and thinner than other carp Dambra and Catla fish. The meat of the silverfish is white. This fish is a very rare usage at the commercial level. I don’t know the reason behind this but silver carp is also tasty.

1st time I taste silver carp was when we caught 8 KG of silver carp believe it superb taste was. if you are interested in how our fishing team caught an 8 kg silver you can read this fishing story After that, I purchase a silver carp from the fish market the taste was different from that wild silver carp that our fishing team caught from the canal. In our region silverfish is rare. You can prepare many fish recipes with silver carp fish.

5 wallgu atto AKA malli fish


Wallago Attu is a member of the catfish family also called helicopter fish. There are no scales on the body of Wallago Attu. Skin is silver and greyish and shiny. This fish could be deboned easily at home with the help of a simple knife. If you learn how to debone a fish you should watch this video first. The taste of Wallago Attu is also great but many people avoid eating this fish.

If you are planning to make a dish gravy recipe then you should purchase this fish but always purchase fresh fish. Are you have queries about fresh fish identification then click here. This is a fully detailed article about fresh fish. You can make boneless finger fish with the help of wallago Attu fish for your children.

other popular Canal fish species in Pakistan

Often ocean fish species are available in the fish market like ocean catfish Tirkand, Mushka, and others. In the wild fish category pangasius fish, singhara,

In my opinion, Dambra fish and Catla fish competitions are always tough. These 2 fish spices are highly in demand and available at offered able price. People prefer Dambra fish always instead of Catla fish. What is your opinion leave a comment below in the comment box and also share this post with your friends to get their opinions. You can follow us on our Facebook page Mahigar where you can find more useful content about fish and fishing

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