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Is eating tomatoes on an empty stomach beneficial? 4 Benefits of tomatoes

On an empty stomach: Tomatoes are eaten in many forms like vegetables, soups, juices, chutneys, etc. But can you eat tomatoes on an empty stomach? Get an expert opinion.

We use tomatoes in our diet in many ways. People eat tomatoes as a vegetable, salad or soup. Tomatoes are rich in vitamin C, lycopene, potassium, B complex, and many other nutrients. It keeps your cholesterol level under control. Also, you can quickly lose weight by consuming tomatoes.


It can also help strengthen your bones and reduce diabetes. , Eating tomatoes on an empty stomach does not harm your health. Also, you can eat it on an empty stomach with any good mix. As many people like to drink tomato soup, juice, and tomato juice on an empty stomach, it benefits them. To know more about the benefits of eating tomatoes on an empty stomach, we spoke to nutritionist Kamini Sinha, founder of Diet Mantra.

Benefits of tomatoes on an empty stomach

1 Benefits of Eating tomatoes for teeth and bones.

Tomatoes can be beneficial for keeping teeth and bones healthy. Tomatoes contain lycopene, which can protect against bone damage. Apart from this, the calcium found in it strengthens your bones and teeth. Due to this, you are less likely to develop bone-related diseases.

2 Eating Tomato helps to lose weight

Drinking tomato juice on an empty stomach can reduce body weight and fat. Apart from this, tomatoes contain a lot of fiber which is also helpful in relieving stomach problems. It also provides relief for stomach aches and indigestion problems. It keeps your cholesterol level under control.


3 Tomatoes for diabetes.

Tomato can also be beneficial in the problem of diabetes. A compound called naringin in tomatoes has anti-diabetic properties that can help lower blood glucose levels. In addition, tomato juice is rich in lycopene, beta-carotene, potassium, vitamin C, flavonoids, folate, and vitamin E, which can prevent the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

4 Benefits of tomatoes for blood pressure.

You can also eat tomatoes on an empty stomach in case of high blood pressure. Tomato extract contains several carotenoids such as lycopene, beta-carotene, and vitamin E. These can act as an effective antioxidants, helping fight free radicals. Apart from this, all these nutrients in red tomatoes can also reduce high blood pressure.

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