Gulf Flounder

Paralichthys albigutta
The gulf flounder is a smallish member of the Bothidae family of left-eyed flounder. It is of minor economic significance and is mixed in commercial and sports catches with summer flounder.

identification. The gulf flounder has its relatives’ familiar olive brown background, the summer, and southern flounder. Still, it has three characteristic ocellated spots forming a triangle on its eye side. One spot is above the lateral line, one below, and one on the line itself, although these spots can become obscure in larger fish.

Numerous white spots are scattered over the body and fins, and the caudal fin is shaped like a wedge, with the tip in the middle. This species has fifty-three to sixty- three anal rays, which is fewer than the sixty-three to seventy-three found on the southern flounder.

Habitat. Gulf flounder inhabit sand, coral rubble, and seagrass areas near shore. They often range into tidal reefs and are occasionally found around nearshore rocky reefs. They commonly favor depths of up to 60 feet.
Food. The gulf flounder feeds on crustaceans and small fish

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