Catfish Farming With Forage Fish

Catfish Farming With Forage

Catfish are fishes that hunt and eat other fishes or aquatic organisms, in other words, they are carnivorous fishes. Catfish farming is rare in Pakistan. There are several species of them in Pakistan which are found in rivers and lakes, among which Sanghari, Milli, Khagah, and Sol are famous. Catfish are reared in ponds and cages around the world. People eat them with passion, they are also loved in Pakistan. But catfish farming in Pakistan is negligible. Very few people are breeding them.  There is still no specific hatchery in …

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Useful tips for fish farming

Useful tips for fish farming

This is true fish farming is a growing business in Pakistan and other countries. many years ago in our town, there was a fish seller who sell fish on a cycle in a wooden cabinet. Now there are many fish sellers in our town. The reason is the increasing fish demand and the growing business of fish farming in Pakistan. many people are avoiding purchasing poultry in winter. There was only a fish pond away from our town some years ago. now the fish farm owner is purchasing more area …

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