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A tough fishing tour – fishing stories of my life

This is the true story of passion for fishing at the full craze. In these 3 days, we learned never to lose hope. because some fishermen were hopeless but my brother was passionate. Although on the 3rd day he was ill with typhoid fever. our team caption was in the vaccination process for hepatitis. This was the tough fishing tour and the true fishing story of our life.

Planning for a fishing tour

As usual, our team captain, my brother, and I was searching for a new canals system on Google map. We were measuring the new canal width with our fishing net width. We found a junction of the canal 70 Km away from our hometown.

This area was new for our fishing team. after the suggestion we decide to plan a fishing tour at this new canal junction point. We were 6 men’s fishing team with 3 motorbikes.

Day one The day of struggle starts

We woke up at 3 am and gather in our fishing office called this office Bandar Gah. Picked up different fishing nets and start traveling happily. The road was broken due to rain and canal water and some other factors. A motorbike is the best choice in this situation.

3 motorbikes and 6 fishermen with fishing nets were traveling very fast with confidence. When we reached the main canal we notice the canal water level is decreasing. We were very happy to watch the canal water situation. But don’t know what trouble incident will happen next.

The difficult time starts now

after some time we reached the canal junction, we remove the fishing net and change clothes. The water level was down in a small canal due to the shutter down of the canal regulator. The next step was terrifying for us. we cast a fishing net when we pull up the fishing net there was a black cobra snake in the net.

A fisherman tries to pick up a black cobra snake. He thinks this is a big eel fish but we all shout” Stop don’t pick this is a black cobra snake”. We pull up fishing nets from the canal and cover snacks with a fishing net. We pick up a stone and hit it on the snakehead. Many people gathered to watch a big black cobra snake. We decide to cast the fishing net again but we saw many snakes swimming in the water.

changing fishing plan

We decide to cast a fishing net into another near canal but we failed to catch a single fish. Then we go to the other side but we failed again. Our team caption encourages all our team to cast fishing nets into the snacks canal.
our team lefts this mango farm area because all snakes were coming from this mango farm. We cast the net again at a safe place and success to catch a common carp fish. We cast a fishing net several times and success to catch only a few fish.
our team discovered all areas and canals according to Google Maps. we found local fishermen were catching fish. We try our best but failed to catch a big fish. We decide to go back home after taking lunch at a nearby small shanty hotel.
The big canal was wider but decreasing water level. Our fishing team caption decides to come back again tomorrow, at the next main head regulator.

Day 2 very disappointing day of a tough fishing tour

The next day we reached the second head regulator this canal bank. this canal was 8 feet deep and the canal was 8 feet deep. but the water level was only one foot due to the canal closing schedule.

12 fishermen team were already casting a big fishing net. They stop us to catch fish because they were already locking fish with another net.
We move forward and tried to search for another fishing point. but we failed to cast a single net into this big wide canal. we return to another canal branch but the water level was still high but decreasing slowly. this was a very tough fishing tour of my fishing career.

we stay at a hotel for lunch. there was a fisherman who was selling about 5 kG fish at a very cheap price and the buyer was bargaining. a team member of our fishing team decides to buy this fish but our team caption says

a fisherman Can not buy a fish from another fisherman while fishing. we will catch fish soon. don’t lose hope.

Ramzan Bhatti

We plan to return. We joint our fishing net and start trawling. This canal was wide, and deep, and was very difficult to tackle a fishing net in this situation. Fishes we’re knocking and jumping over the net. We successfully catch some fishes the rohu fish, Wallago Attu, and Pangasius Fish, and leaves the canal and move forward.

Now the time starts for rush fishing

After taking a rest we travel home. There was a fishing team was fishing in a small canal. Captain saw that a fish is coming slowly but the fishermen failed to detect the fish. Captain says to open the net and start fishing because these fishermen are inexperienced.

only 30 minutes, were left to sunset. our fishing team start 1st fishing net and succeed to catch some Dambra fish. after that, we start a rush fishing and catch 30 to 40 kg of fish in 30 minutes. after sunset we left the canal and moved back home. We decide for fishing in this 4 feet wide canal.

The day of reward for tough fishing tour

The caption was so tired and was in a fever. We force him to stay at home and we reach the canal early in the morning. There was a lot of fish was moving due to low-level water. we cast a fishing net and were shocked to catch 20 to 25 KG of pangasius fish also called basa fish.

We move forward and cast 2nd net. On the 3rd net, the unbelievable movement of our life was. We failed to pull out the fishing net from the canal. This time we catch more than 60 KG of fish from 4 feet wide canal in 15 minutes.

fishing tour of my life and Mahigar Team After Catching 130 KG Basa fish

This was the biggest catch into one net in the history of our village. We were all happy. I call my big brother to carry fish. After loading all fish into the car we cast fishnet again and this time we catch 60 KG again. I call my brother again to carry fish. After that, we catch 20 kg of fish and leave the canal and come back home.

The captain was in a fever and was at his home we called him. the captain was surprised after watching the biggest fish caught in the history of our village. We achieved this goal in only 2 hours. The total fish catch was 130 KG. This was my fishing story I have many other fishing stories that I will share with you.

Moral of this tough fishing story

In the end, never lose hope. Never depend on the spot because we were on the spot but failed. Try try again. In fishing, good teamwork and strategy are the key points. Always work together as a part of the body in a team. If you are a fish and fishing lover then leave a comment below in the comments box to motivate me to write more true fishing stories. Also, share this tough fishing story with your friends. you can follow us on my Facebook page mahigar

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