Basa Fish Healthy or not Nutrition health risk

Basa fish Name and family Basa Fish Healthy or not a Nutrition health risk

Panga fish is called Basa fish. Basa is a species of catfish. Basa belongs to the Pangasiidae family. This is a catfish and freshwater fish found in canals and rivers.

  • Scientific names are Pangasius boccoutri; P. hypophthalmus
  • Market name is Basa, bocourti, bocoutri fish, swai.
  • Common names are Basa, basa catfish; swai, tra, Vietnamese catfish، river cobbler, and Vietnamese cobbler.
  • Basa fish in Urdu called Indus trout, jhalli, kanderi, domra, tirkandi.

What is basa fish? Nutrition health risk

Basa Fish Healthy or not Nutrition health risk

Basa is a white flesh fish. This is a low-bone fish. Bassa is sold in the market as boneless fish folate. Basa is a slender head, smooth silver skin, fewer bones, more meat, and cheaper and tastier light fish. Basa is famous all over the world.

It is a South and Southeast Asia fish that is imported to many countries around the world. Basa Pakistan is available in fish markets. The United States imports Basa from Vietnam. In Pakistan Indus River is abundant, so Basa is called Indus Trout in Pakistan.

Basa fish are found in freshwater, warm water, rivers, and canals. Basa fish is found in almost all the canals in our area. Their migration is not the same every year. Basa fish travels in groups and is found in the lower or middle water bodies food includes small fish and insects.

In mid-June, it grows to 5 cm in size. The maximum length of the basa is recorded as 38 ٫ 2 cm. Basa weighs 1.4 kg. But it weighs 150 grams in the canal until November because the canals close after November

Basa Health benefits

126-gram basa serving provides

Protein22.5 grams
Fat7 grams
Saturated fat2 grams
Cholesterol73 mg
Carbs0 grams
Sodium89 mg

Before we talk about whether Basa is healthy or not, let’s take a look at Basa’s nutrition. Many people do not like to eat basa fish, we will talk about it later. But there are many benefits of eating basa fish.

Basa fish is high in protein and low in calories, so it is beneficial for people on a diet. It also contains omega-3 fatty acids. Which is very beneficial for the heart, mind, and health.

Our fishing team hunts canal fish. Canal fish farms or pounds of fish are very good for health. My father had a stroke and his cholesterol level test was high.

Six months later, when I started fishing for canal fish, after consulting a doctor, I made my father use basa fish regularly. After using it, my father’s health improved and he started walking. According to him, he started walking after eating basa fish, but remember that this is not the result of farm fish.

there are many benefits of fish for human health I have already described in another article

Basa Fish Healthy or not

This question is often asked on the Internet or locally. My answer is that it is based on the Basa breeding system.

Along with the basa fish’s popularity, it also has some health risks۔US FDA )The United States Food and Drug Administration( has identified mercury and other drugs in basa fish. Mercury affects the liver.

Basa fish is dangerous to health because of the breeding in the pond. Chemicals and drugs are used in the pond to increase the profit of the fish. That is why this method of breeding can be detrimental to the health of the fish in the pond.

Wash farm fish thoroughly. Apply spices well. Do not eat raw fish or undercooked fish to avoid food poisoning of basa fish.

Basa fish is very popular in our area and is eaten. I have never heard of anyone’s health being affected by the use of basa fish. Basa fish in canals or rivers grow in freshwater, so canal basa fish is not harmful to health. I once ate farm basa fish, which tasted very different from canal basa fish.

How to hunt basa fish

It is very easy to catch basa fish in the canal because it is not a fly fish. It does not go back into the net and stop there. Travels in groups. In the deep place of the canal where the waterfalls, the basa fish gathers in the morning. In hot time, it stays in a cool and deep place. An under-sized net can be used to catch it in the canal as it does not weigh much in the canal.

Our fishing team caught 3 kg of basa fish in 3 hours. The next day I caught 3 kg of basa fish in a net from a 2 feet wide canal. It is not easy to catch so many fish in the canal.

Its thorns are very dangerous if it gets stuck anywhere in the body. Don’t worry. Endure the pain and pull it back. Fish thorns are poisonous so swelling can also occur. Once I felt it, my hand became swollen. I tried to catch the Basa fish with its tail. it took a turn and his fork hit my thumb which became swollen.

How to keep fresh during the fishing

Basa fish caught in the canal does not tolerate heat the skin deteriorates. Save it in a box and put it on ice, then you can save it for a long time.

Don’t put it in a sack. The fish gets spoiled quickly by biting its thorns. In Pakistan, fishing starts in summer. Fishing in rivers or dams continues in winter dams rivers. Hunters do not hunt.

Taste and recipes

Basa Fish Healthy or not Nutrition health risk

Basa fish is a white fish with a delicate texture. It has a small number of bones and can be easily de-boned. That’s why people like to eat basa.

Basa fish recipes are easy to make. There are many basa fish recipes, but I like basa fish fried, basa fish recipe grilled, and basa fish recipe gravy۔. All of these are easy recipes and can easily make at home۔

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