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How to prepare mustard oil for a fish fry? 2 Method 2 prepare mustard oil

are you searching for that how to prepare mustard oil for a fish fry and prevent the raw mustard oil smell? are you a fish and fishing lover and learning how to prepare superb and tasty Fish recipes at home to get some appreciation from your family members? Fish is a Timed recipe, take some extra time from other recipes. if you give more time to fish after it marinates its taste will be boosted.

It depends on you which oil you are using during the fish fry. You can use canola oil, olive old, or mustard oil. In my opinion, mustard oil is the best oil for a fish fry. But you should prepare mustard oil before fish fry. You cannot directly use mustard oil like olive and canola oil. Raw mustard oil can create a smell in fish recipes.

Always Choose Fresh quilty Mustard oil for better results. You can buy mustard oil from the market or extract mustard oil from mustard seeds. we will discuss 2 methods to prepare Mustard oil for a fish fry in detail. one method is fast and the second is a slow method to prepare mustard oil for a fish fry.

Now the time to prepare mustard oil for a fish fry

Wait a minute and read about these Instructions and how to prepare mustard oil for a fish fry. You can not achieve taste if you used raw mustard oil. It could be smelled of raw mustard oil at the first fish fry. Follow these instructions.

mustard oil for a fish fry

Fast Method to prepare mustard oil for fish fry

This is an instant method to prepare mustard oil for fish fry following these simple steps.

  • Put mustard oil into a pan and ignites the flame.
  • Keep flame at a low point
  • When mustard oil reached a smock point
  • Keep the flame at low for 10 minutes.
  • Stop the flame for a few minutes
  • and cut an onion into medium pieces.
  • Putt add into mustard oil but keep the flame at low.
  • As the onion looks golden brown take it out from the pan
  • Add more onion or green chili into muted oil and repeat the same process.
  • Use can use garlic or green chilly for this purpose
  • Keep mustard oil on low flame for at least 20 minutes.
  • Never burn mustard oil on a high flame this will overburn mustard oil.
  • When you feel now there is no smell of raw mustard oil start frying fish.
  • first Fry the Head of fish in the prepared Mustard oil for fish fry
  • Now Mustard oil is ready to fry fish fillet with the deep fry method

Slow method to prepare mustard oil for fish fry

This is a slow method to prepare mustard oil for fish but you can achieve better results to follow this method.

  • Add mustard oil to a frying pan
  • Keep the mustard oil at a very low flame.
  • When mustard oil reaches a smoke point.
  • Keep mustard oil for approx 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Stop the flame for 5 minutes
  • Repeat the process but this time stop the flame after 10 minutes until you feel there is no smell is Mustard oil.
  • Mustard oil is ready for a fish fry.

for more information about Mustard, you can read this article.

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