How To Get Rid Of Fish Smell with the help of these 5 cheap ingredients

Once upon a time, I crossed a fish market, I covered my nose with cloth due to the fish smell in the fish market. Many people avoid purchasing fish due to the fish smell because they don’t know how to get rid of fish smell. you cant rid of the fish smell at the fish market but you can get rid of the fish smell at home with these 5 cheap ingredients. These ingredients are available in almost all kitchens.

1- Salt for Get Rid Of Fish Smell

Salt can remove the fish smell. after purchasing fish from the market add some salt to the fish. this process will extract fish water from the fish body and also blood. You can follow these steps at home

  • Add salt, Tumeric, and carom seed to a bowl and mix all these condiments
  • don’t wash fish
  • add these condiments to the fish and rub with your hands
  • keep the fish in a basket for 1 to 2 hours in a cool place
  • now wash the fish and place it into the basket again to drain the water

Befits of this process: this process will help to get rid of the fish smell and enhance the taste of fish. This is an essential process before washing a fish.

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2 -Milk for Get Rid Of Fish Smell

Milk is another ingredient to get rid of the fish smell. This process is very simple and easy. pour fish in milk and keep it in a cool place for 30 minutes. after that wash the fish and keep it in the basket for the next process.

3- White Vinegar

you can get rid of fish smell with the help of white Vinegar but read these instructions carefully.

  • Wash the fish very well
  • and add some white vinegar into the water according to fish weight.
  • sink fish into this white vinegar and water mixture for 5 minutes.
  • don’t use white vinegar without water.
  • don,t keep fish for more than 10 minutes.
  • don,t use white vinegar without water this step could be affected the fish meat.
  • no need to wash the fish again.

4- flour

sprinkle flour on the fish and keep the fish in a cool place. the flour will suck all the water from the fish. Now wash the fish for the next process.

5-lemon to Get Rid Of Fish Smell

When fish is mixed with an acid (like the citric acid in lemon juice), they react and form an amine salt. Amine salts don’t have a smell or a taste. That way, you can enjoy your fish without it tasting too fishy. So after sprinkling lemon fish, its odd flavor or odor is eliminated.

 soak fish in lemon juice

How long should you soak fish in lemon juice?

For a more cooked ceviche, soak fish cut into half-inch cubes in citrus juice for approximately 20-30 minutes.

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