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Is Eating fish can be harmful to health?

Eating Fish Can Be Harmful There are many foods that offer more health benefits than fish, from reducing the risk of heart disease to supporting mental health. You can for your overall health

Eating fish can be harmful if consuming milk with fish can cause a reaction because to digest these two foods, our stomach has to secrete two fluids at the same time, causing it and milk to become one. It becomes difficult to digest

A downside of eating fish is mercury intake

 Thanks to pollution, the fish on your plate may contain the same nasty and potentially toxic substances we find in the ocean—think methylmercury, polychlorinated biphenyls, and dioxins.

A toxic mercury compound typically accumulates during its life cycle. It is first absorbed by phytoplankton or algae, which are then consumed by small marine animals, small fish, and finally by large fish. All animals can contain some methylmercury, although some species have more than others

It accumulates mercury through its diet. Humans can also accumulate mercury in their bodies if they eat large amounts of mercury-rich fish.

Mercury is a toxic metal and while a small amount can pose a serious health risk, consuming too much can result in mercury poisoning, which can have effects such as hearing, vision, and coordination challenges, as well as some muscle weakness. Can experience

Eating fish can cause nerve damage

Eating fish can cause nerve damage

Mercury is a metal that can potentially damage a person’s central nervous system, or the brain and spinal cord. or experiencing headaches to experience muscle weakness. So if you’re eating too much fish, you’re likely taking in too much mercury and could be inadvertently harming yourself.

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