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Should you drink milk after eating fish?

The effect of milk is cold while the effect of fish is hot. This is the reason why Hikma and Ayurvedic treatment both react to eating cold and hot foods together

It is generally said that one should not drink milk after eating fish, otherwise the face will get white spots and the health will deteriorate. How much truth is there in this? know

In Oriental medicine, anything has three possible properties: cold, hot, and mild. The effect of milk is cold while the effect of fish is hot. It is for this reason that under Hikma and Ayurvedic treatment, there is a reaction to eating cold and hot foods together, which can take the form of white but unsightly spots on the skin, as well as various types of allergies and even fever. That is why it is traditionally forbidden to eat milk, curd, cheese, etc before or after eating fish.

white spots on hands and arms after eating fish

What modern scientific research says?

As far as modern scientific research is concerned, so far there is no confirmed scientific study that proves that drinking milk before or after eating fish has bad effects on the body. Rather, many foods are now available that include fish, curd, and milk at the same time and have been found to be beneficial for the heart as well as the brain. In light of these facts, the assumption that drinking milk after eating fish will cause health problems is unfounded.

However, if we talk about nutrition and the digestive process, we will know that both fish and milk are protein-rich foods, which make our digestive system do double duty as a result of eating them together. This means that to digest these two foods, our stomach has to release two types of fluids at the same time, which makes it difficult to digest fish and milk at the same time.

Its first effect can be on our digestive system, while the natural defense system (immune system) can be the second target of this negative effect. But so far this has not been supported by any scientific research.

Some people also say that after (or before) drinking milk after eating certain types of fish, skin rashes or allergic reactions will appear, but generally, this is not the case; however, this point is yet to be confirmed.

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