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The benefits of fish that you may not know

The benefits of fish that you may not know do you eat fish? Do you also know the benefits of fish? If you do not know, you will know today. if you don’t even eat fish, they will start eating fish after today. Because there are many benefits of fish for health.

Today we will take a look at the benefits of fish

benefits of eating fish

Fish is eaten in almost every country in the world. People of all ages love to fish. Different fish dishes are made in every country and city. According to doctors, make fish a part of your diet twice a week.

By the way, there are many types of fish, but the most popular types are pangasius, carp, Catla, common carp, Dambra or Damrah fish, Labeo rohita, Black labeo rohita, tor, Sperata seenghala, silver carp, Eel, Wallago Attu, catfish, and Trout.

These fish are available in the market and their use is common in hotels and restaurants. You will find most of the carp and Catla fish in your diet. This is because this fish is usually cheap and tasty.

Fish contains protein, vitamins, and nutrients fish is low in fat, and high in protein fish contains omega-3 and vitamins D and B2.

Eating fish is an important source of omega-3 fatty acids.

  • can reduce the amount of fat in your body
  • is good for heart disease
  • strengthens bones and joints
  • use during pregnancy promotes good brain health
  • is Causes to reduce depression
  • improves eyesight
  • reduces asthma in children

In our country, the use of fish instead of broiler chicken has increased in the last few years in Pakistan. Therefore, the demand for it has increased significantly due to which the price of fish has increased significantly. Usually, the price of fish doubles in winter as compared to summer.

There is a lot of rush in the fish market in winter because hot items are used in winter but many people use fish equally in summer. In our country fishing is done in summer canal fish is tastier than farm fish.

Fish provides warm to your body

Fish provides warm to your body

Fish provides warmth to your body. Eating it increases the intensity of thirst. It is mandatory to use fish in winter because Pakistan has four seasons so we use food according to each season.

Fish is a highly digestible food
highly digestible food

Fish is a highly digestible food and is digested quickly after eating and does not become a burden on the stomach, but eating fish with too much chili spice can affect your stomach. Therefore, use equal amounts of spices so that the original taste of the fish is maintained

Fish is also very useful for heart diseases
heart diseases

Fish is also very useful for heart diseases. An example of this is the mother of my friend who is about sixty years old and has undergone a heart bypass. And my friend hunts canal fish only for his mother. Therefore, it is imperative for your heart patient to use fish because eating fish dilutes the blood. If canal fish is not available, you can go to the farm or river. Can use fish can be used by frying fish or making fish curry.

Eating fish lowers blood pressure

blood pressure

so people with high blood pressure use fish, so a person with high blood pressure should use the white part of the fish and use very light salt.

It is important for paralyzed people to eat fish

but one thing to keep in mind is not to use deep-fried fish. If you want to use it, after frying the fish, oil-free it thoroughly with tissue paper, and do not use the fish skin. Because fish skin is high in fat.

My dear father also suffered from paralysis, so in the beginning, after his cholesterol level was low, he was made to use canal fish continuously. So after that, his temper improved a lot and now he can walk. Canal or river fish are more beneficial than farm fish.

Fish is very beneficial for kids

Fish meat is much softer than chicken meat so you can use it on an eight-month-old baby. An example of this is my own baby whom I started using fish by hand for eight months. You can use small fish for small children. But one thing to keep in mind is to reduce the use of pepper and use only the white part of the fish meat. Chicken meat is a little hard so small children cannot digest it by chewing it. Therefore, children must use fish.

During pregnancy

Special attention should be paid to food during pregnancy. Omega 3 promotes the mental health of the baby during pregnancy and fish is the best source of omega 3. That is why doctors also prefer to eat fish during pregnancy. But some doctors recommend avoiding fish during pregnancy because it contains methyl mercury, which can damage the baby’s brain tissue.


Therefore, consult your doctor before using fish during pregnancy. And if you want to use fish, wash it well, cook it and then eat it. Choose fish that is low in methyl mercury. Fish that are high in methyl mercury include marlin, king mackerel, tuna, shark, katara, dash and dot, goatfish, etc. Farm fish are also high in methyl mercury. So eat sea or river fish like trout, roach, and salmon.

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