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First fishing tour of my life

I was working on my computer in the drawing-room in the evening. Today my brother and his fishing team were on a fishing tour. now they were celebrating a successful fishing tour.
My brother comes into the drawing-room and gives me a tray full of basa fish. Today my brother goes fishing near the canal with his friends and has a fish party at our old house.

It has saved me some basa fish and this complete tray of basa fish is the only reason you are reading my article right now. Because after the first fishing tour of my life, I started fishing some fish recipes at home and now I am an expert in many fish recipes and have a lot of knowledge about fish and fishing.

I feel energy and strength in my body after eating basa fish. The recipe was for deep fry Basa fish. It increases my level of thirst and I drink water all night. Fish is good for health I have already written an article on this website. The reason for the increase in thirst was to eat fish for the first time

First fishing tour of my life mahigar

Planing fishing Tour with friends

Now the journey started and I go for the fishing first time with my brother’s fishing team. We decided to go to a near canal at a distance of 10 kilos meter. our fishing team travels by our motorbike because of motorbike is only the ride and best ride for fishing. We take 2 fishing nets and 3 bikes and we were a team of six or seven fishermen. The road was damaged and broken so we travel slowly.

The time was 10 AM after 30 minutes, we reached a fishing point. This fishing point was 10 feet deeper with high water pressure. We change our clothes and open up the fishing net. I was afraid to jump into deeper and high-pressure water. My fishing team encourages me to jump into the water.

Casting First fishing Net but the result was?

But I was in fear and start making a video with my old Nokia phone. Our fishing team cast the first fishing net with our traditional fishing method like the bottom trawl but fail to catch any fish.
The reason was we were too late to reach out at the fishing point because this time farmer bathes cows in the canal and fishes go away. The best time for fishing is 3 am to 4 am before sunrise because at this time nobody goto the canal.

We cast the fishing net many times just for practice.
After some time my friend came to me and catch me throwing myself into the deeper water. Oh yeah, I try to swim and high-pressure water pushes me with its power.

My fishing team congregation me that now you are fishermen. Gives me one side of the fishing net and I hold the bamboo. After practicing fishing, we decide to play in deeper water. One of my friends throws a brick in the water and the other dives to find a brick in seconds. We enjoy it.

Diner after the fishing tour

After fishing, we decide to have lunch because over swimming we feel hungry. We stop at a hotel and order a chicken Karahi a famous chicken recipe in Pakistan. The time was 2 pm after lunch and paying bills we ride on the bikes and decide to go home. We fail to catch any fish because the fishing season starts in September in Pakistan Canal,s system but we enjoy it all day that never forgets

We return home and decide on another fishing tour near the fishing point.
A fisherman never loses hope and never goes for fish he goes fishing. Fishing is a true passion nor a profession for us.

If you like this article it will be encountered me to write more articles for the fish lover. Comments in the comment box if you have any suggestions and opinions about this blog
Thanks very much
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