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A true fishing story of my life that will never forget 4th October 2018

Some events in our life left a memorable effect on our minds. We can’t forget this event. This true fishing story of my life is a permanent part of my fishing life memories. Before starting I introduced my village. I am living in a small town spreading over a 1-furlong area. My town is surrounded by many nearby villages.

A 4 feet wide cemented canal is crossing from my town. In my childhood, this canal was 8 feet wide. A group of our cousins daily spend 4 hours in the canal. Now water is very dirty because the waste of the main city is shifting into this canal.

Canal Fishing Mahigar

After the installment of the sewerage plant, we stop fishing due to mixing dirty wastewater in the freshwater of our village canal. Although the wastewater plant is away 20 kilometers from our village water is dirty.

The reason behind Global warming

As humans, we should save and take care of our natural resources but we are destroying our natural resources. We are cutting trees and destroying other natural resourcing. one of the main reasons for Global warming is that we are cutting trees and not planting new trees. in the year 2022 weather is so hot due to less rain. In the Cholistan Desert Pakistan lacks water due to a lack of rains.

in our region no rain in the past 6 months. the rain system is affected due to cutting trees and the construction of new colonies. Glaciers are melting and causing floods. we should plant trees to prevent heat waves.

Overfishing and fishing before season fishing in our region

I am talking about fishing also because overfishing and over-period fishing are like killing fish species. We will suffer a lack of food soon due to our illegal fishing. In our village, some greedy fisherman starts fishing before the fishing season. That’s the reason fish is about rare in my region.

The same situation is for ocean fishing. many fishing boats use illegal fishing methods to catch fish and destroy the coral reefs. these reefs are called schools of fishes. same as humans fish species living in colony system in the ocean. however, Salmon fish farming is performing a big role in fish consumption.

Canal Fishing in Pakistan Mahigar

Once upon a time our team Captain and his brother were going fishing on bicycles and traveled 15 to 20 kilometers. then they caught a lot of fish. Now every fisherman has a motorbike and every send person is a fisherman in our village. Daily fishing is the reason for the lake of fish.

We often go fishing every Friday to celebrate our day. We hardly cath 10 to 20 Kg fish all over the day and the max weight in season is 1kg to 2 kg. Rohu fish, basa fish, and Wallago Attu AKA Malli fish are the common fish species in our region. Silver carp fish is rare but here is another story about 8 KG silver Carp fish

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Why canal fishing is difficult?

Canal fishing is a difficult type of fishing. We need more stamina and power to tackle the fishing net in the water. Some canals are wide and deep, and tackling a fishing net in this canal is a big challenge.

  • We need 8 fishermen to tackle a big fishing net but we are 6 men fishermen team. To tackle a big fishing net in a wide and deep canal is very difficult.
  • Weather is a big challenge for us. We start fishing from September to October. These months are very hot and fishing is difficult during this hot weather and hot water of the canal.
  • We can not eat a meal during fishing it causes vomiting as we start fishing right after taking lunch. The reason behind this is that food takes some time to digest and we can’t wait.
  • Road and rides are other Challenges for our fishing team. Traveling on a motorbike on broken roads and narrow road is difficult. Due to rain canal roads are broken. overflow of canal water causes road destruction. The new and stable roads can decrease the traveling time.
  • Parking motorbikes during fishing is so dangerous. Anyone can steal motorbikes and fish while our all team is in the canal fishing. often people steal our fish.
  • Cary fish on a motorbike is a big challenge for us. our team captain is a carpenter, he prepares a wooden box for fishing. we put some ice into this wooden box to save fish for all the day.
  • there are many difficulties during fishing and another one is fishing team management. if your fishing team members are not co-operated by a captain you can not achieve better goals.

Why I am telling you these difficulties before starting the true fishing story?

Often we watch videos on YouTube where fishermen are catching fish so easily. Even a single person is casting a fishing net and catching dozens of fishies without entering the water. Many Fishermen is using several fishing methods to catch a fish. Some are catching big fish with fishing rods and catching their fish in a few minutes.

yes, fishing is so easy if you are a well-experienced fisherman and choose any fishing method. On the other hand, fishing is very difficult in the wide canal using the bottom trawling fishing technique. You Need two fishermen’s crews. Frist crew for blocking fishing to escape and fights with deep and high-pressure water. The second crew moves forward and holds a fishing net and slaps at the water to wake up fish.

The day of the true fishing story

The Time was 11 AM our fishing team was planning a fishing tour for fishing a canal 10 kilometers away from our town. the NEWS was canal water level is decreasing so the fishing plan was on an emergency basis. these days our fishing team doesn’t have a big fishing net for fishing in a wide canal. so we include a new fisherman who was the owner of wide and new fishing nets.

after planning and managing the fishing team we start traveling. after 30 minutes of traveling, we reach a 4 feet wide canal and stop our motorbike. the water level was decreasing and we found a big carp fish is moving in a canal. we start casting our fishing nets. a fish knocks the blocking net, and the fisherman pulls the fishing net and succeeds to catch a big basa fish.

Canal Fishing Mahigar

This moment was surprising because this basa fish was bigger. this basa fish was 75% bigger than the average size of basa fish in our canal system. the average weight of basa fish is 150 grams in our region and this basa fish was near about 450 to 500 grams. this was this bigger size in the history of our fishing life. we cast the fishing net again and again and succeeded to catch more basa fish like this.

Our fishing team deciding the next fishing plan

after some conversation, we choose to go for big canal fishing because we have a wide fishing net and now fishing in the small canal was the same as a waste of time. the plan was simple we travel slowly and cast a fishing net according to the fishing situation. after traveling 2 kilometers, the canal was 8 feet wide.

we open up fishing net ropes to increase fishing net size according to canal width. we detect that there is a lot of fishes in this canal. We cast a fishing net for a long distance to catch more fish at once. this is a very simple technique to catch fish after verifying that there is a lot of fish in the canal. after a few minutes, we combine fishing and pulled it out from the canal.

Both fishing nets were full of big basa fish. we start collecting fish and all team was surprised that why these basa fish is habitat in this canal. my opinion was that fish is coming from Water Dam. This water is mixed with canal fresh water. but we were in a great hurry to catch more fish because this was the first time we were catching big basa fish.

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Starting rush for more fishing

We were collecting fishing quickly because our team was the only team who was fishing at this time. our main plane was very impossible. we were fishing backward and moving back to the big canal regulator. we travel 1-kilo meter and then cast the fishing net again for 20 to 30 minutes. after collecting fish we ride on a motorbike and start traveling again to the fishing point. this type of fishing we were performing first time in our life.

Basa Fish mahigar Fishing stories A true fishing story of my life that will never forget 4th October 2018

Hurry captain was shouting. collect the fish and start the motorbike Hurry captain was shouting. the day was hot but our team was busy fishing. after some time we stay at a water pump and start drinking water to prevent dehydration. never compromise your health during fishing.

How My Brother is a genius fisherman on our team?

Managing a fishing team is a most important task rather than fishing. Captain and my brother are the masterminds of the fishing team. they always decide where to fish and how to fish. during fishing, we reach a place where local people were fishing with baskets and fishing nets. my brother ordered the fishing team to stop motorbikes and open the fishing net.

fish in not moving forward due to these local fishermen. so we cast a fishing net 20 feet away from them. this was our blocking fishing net. he says to the second fishermen’s crew to start trawling the second net from the bridge away from 300 meters. This suggestion was 100% perfect because we catch at least 30 to 40 KG of fish in both nets.

after that, we cast only one fishing net for those local fishermen and tell them don’t pull their fishing net. after pulling the net we give all the fish to these fishermen to help them. we distribute some extra fish to poor people who were enjoying fishing. they pray for us.

we are going for fishing not for fish

Mahigar Fishing Team

finally, we reach the head regulator

At this fishing point, the canal is wide and deep. Fishing at this fishing point is difficult due to broken concrete walls in the water. Often fishing net hangs with these walls and takes extra stamina and power to release the fishing net. Holding a fishing net is very difficult also when water is high-pressure water. we need more fishermen for this purpose

After casting the fishing net what was the result?

after casting a fishing net at a small distance we succeed to catch basa fish. when we pulled out the fishing net from the canal both fishing new were white with basa fish. we start collecting fish from the fishing net, now the wooden box was full and don’t have space for more fish. We load all fish on a motorbike, a fisherman goes back home with all of the fish.

We move forward to more fish

We start fishing again and all time we cast fishing nets and successfully catch fish. There was no shop to purchase a bag of fish. We request a local man to give us a bag for the fish. We put all fish and move forward. All of our team was happy and this time bag was full of fish again.

Now the time is to return home

We cast a fishing net for at least 20 kilometers in the canal all team was tired and the time was evening only 30 minutes remaining before sunset. My brother’s plan was for night fishing but many members including me plan to go back home. This area was not for fishing at night. We return home and called a fisherman to take a look at the fish. He was very happy about this achievement and a record of 200kg basa fish also called pangasius fish. This is our record in our village. We divide the fish and go the home.

After The fishing collection of basa fish A true fishing story of my life that will never forget 4th October 2018

All night fish cutting and planning for early morning fishing

Now the next step was cutting fish. We divide About 28 kg of fish per fisherman. We start cutting and Cleaning 56 kg of fish. The fish cutting step is the most difficult step for us.

Basa Fish Mahigar fishing stories

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