• pizza Margherita

    What is The Pizza Margherita

    The pizza Margherita is a delicacy fit for a queen. In 1889, Queen Margherita of Savoy visited Naples, where she was served a pizza that resembled the colors of the Italian flag:…

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  • Pizza Napoletana, 7 Cooking Tips For Pizza Napoletana

    Pizza Napoletana, 7 Cooking Tips For Pizza Napoletana

    Pizza Napoletana is Italy’s most iconic culinary creation, the original Pizza Napolitana is made with just a few simple ingredients and comes in just two variations Marinara, the basic Neapolitan…

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  • What-is-French fries

    A short intro to French Fries

    French fries, also called chips, finger chips, fries, or French Pommes Frites, side dish or snack usually made from deep-fried potatoes cut into various shapes, typically thin strips. Fries are…

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  • What is Tortilla?

    What is Tortilla?

    The Tortilla, originally a corn flatbread, is one of those essential types of bread that has existed in Mexican culture for thousands of years. The first tortilla was made from…

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  • What is Tacos

    What are Tacos?

    Tacos, an internationally popular hand-shaped food item of Mexican origin, combine seasoned meats, vegetables, and other fillings and are served inside a folded or rolled corn or flour tortilla. Corn…

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  • What is Hamburger

    What is Hamburger

    A hamburger also called a burger, is ground beef. The term is variously applied to A ground beef patty, sometimes called a Hamburg steak, Salisbury steak, or Vienna steak, A…

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