Mozzarella Cheese

Last modified: May 7, 2023
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Mozzarella cheese refers to several types of Italian cheese made by spinning and cutting curdled milk. Fresh mozzarella is typically white but may vary in color depending on the animal’s diet. It is a semi-soft cheese that is traditionally made from the milk of domestic water buffalo. The curdled milk is drained, and the whey is discarded. The cheese is then stretched and kneaded to achieve a delicate consistency.

Mozzarella cheese is commonly used in pizza, and lasagna, and is served with sliced tomatoes and basil. When partially dried, it becomes more compact and is ideal for oven-baked dishes like lasagna. It can also be twisted into a plait, known as treccia. Smoked varieties, known as affumicata, and reduced-moisture packaged varieties are also available.

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